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Boxwalla | Artistan | Rachel's Plan Bee | Rachel Najera's son, Ric is the inspiration behind the beautiful line : Rachel's Plan Bee . Born with special needs, Ric inspired Rachel to reimagine what taking care of a baby and family meant.

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Rachel's Plan Bee
Buda, Texas

Rachel Najera's son, Ric is the inspiration behind the beautiful line : Rachel's Plan Bee.


Born with special needs, Ric inspired Rachel to reimagine what taking care of a baby and family meant. Among other things, she found that it meant making fresh, baby food for Ric. It meant eliminating ingredients that might affect his little system. It meant taking to her kitchen when she failed to find a store-bought solution to Ric's very dry, reactive skin. And it also meant months of trial and error as she came up with a heart shaped lotion bar that saved Ric's skin.


This journey eventually led to Rachel's Plan B(ee).


Rachel's products feel like an outpouring of affection for her son. Infused with beautiful, gentle ingredients, they are an indulgence to slowly savor while contemplating all that is important in life.


We first heard about Rachel's Body Polish on Kimberly's wonderful eponymous blog, a few years ago.

The body polish contains Moroccan Lava Clay, a potent ingredient that is not often found in body scrubs, and we were immediately intrigued by its inclusion. The Body Polish smells scrumptious and is an absolutely decadent treat for the skin, leaving a light veil of oil, like a lingering sweet memory. We also adore Rachel's bee cream which smells and feels like citrus-vanilla frosting and is a multi-tasking musthave, soothing any dry spots. Also perfect for the cuticles.


Both of these found their way into our June 'Wandering Woman' Box.


What's your favorite thing about being a small business owner?

My most favorite thing about being a small business owner (& sometimes my least favorite thing!) is that all decisions at the end of the day rest with me. Although making decisions can be difficult, I love having the ability to ensure that our core mission and values remain intact as our company grows and evolves in the marketplace.

Where can we find you when you aren't making yummy goodies for Rachel's Plan Bee?

When I am not “stirring the cauldron” for Rachel’s Plan Bee as some of my close friends call it, I am usually at home in my kitchen dreaming up a new dish or drink for my family. Baking and cooking without a recipe is my secret passion and I love sharing my creations with family and friends.

What is one super power you'd love to have?

Great question! Who doesn’t want or need a super power? If I had to choose just one, I would love to slow down time. 
Our son is growing up so fast and I find that I am the happiest when as a family we are intentional about how we choose to spend our free time. The power to slow down time would be a wonderful thing!


The next place you'd love to travel to?

This one is easy — I would love to travel to Italy! I am smitten by all the beautiful imagery shared on Instagram and I can’t get there fast enough.

Your favorite product from your line?

I have a couple of favorites, but choosing only one, it would be our facial oil. 
We have converted many many women (and men!) to the idea of using oil as a moisturizer for their face with this product. The wonderful feedback and emails are what keep me going and I am excited to be able to share it with so many people who are still new to oil on their face!