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Boxwalla | Artistan | MOSS Skincare | MOSS is an acronym for M odern O rganic S acred S kincare and is a beautiful luxury line by skin chef extroadinaire, Celestyna Higgins .

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MOSS Skincare
Los Angeles, California

MOSS is an acronym for Modern Organic Sacred Skincare and is a beautiful luxury line by skin chef extroadinaire, Celestyna Higgins. While Moss is formulated for sensitive acne prone skin, the potent plant oils, butters and extracts that Celestyna uses, make her products age-defying powerhouses, chockful of antioxidants & collagen boosters, that are perfect for all skin-types.


Celestyna has a uniquely eclectic background that includes Astrophysics, Fashion Design and Yoga that manifests itself in the magical, potent yet scientifically sound formulations that she creates. Once we tested Moss products, we fell heads over heels in love with her beautiful potions that are so luxurious and effective that they are like bottled love poems to the skin.


We included Moss' Healing Dew in the August Box themed 'The Wandering Woman's Beauty Secrets'. This product is an absolute summer must-have for plump, joyful skin! It contains a host of incredibly hydrating ingredients like Beet Sugar extract, Vegetable Ceramides and Cogon Grass extract from Africa, that both help retain moisture as well as repair the skin's lipid barrier. MSM, niacinamide & gromwell root reduce inflammation, making it a lovely light moisturizer for sun burned skin.


We also highly recommend Moss' Ceremony Balm- our favorite summer balm, Miel Noir Cleanser, Salvation Balm and the yummy Beurre Celeste Cleanser.


P.S. We blame the lovely Lola from Hermes Hippie for our initial foray into MOSS that led to our eventual addiction.

What's your favorite thing about being a small business owner?

There are a lot of things I love about owning my own business. I definitely love not having to answer to anyone but myself. I love the freedom this gives me to experiment with new ideas both in terms of formulas and also in terms of how I market and run the business. I can do risky things and I can pivot quickly if need be. I can fail at something and be able to take full responsibility with grace instead of fear over being reprimanded.

I also love the amount of control I have over everything. That's a double edged sword though because if things go wrong, it's all you. I liken it to being the god of a tiny little universe - it's insanely fun and fulfilling but also a huuuge responsibilty and tons of work. The business also has a life of its own and it likes to take control at times. That has been the most interesting part of owning my own business - realizing its a living being.

Where can we find you when you aren't concocting potent potions for Moss.

Lol, answering emails. Shipping orders.

Um. I also make time for yoga, the beach, farmer's market and weekend excursions. It's amazing how much better I feel with a regular yoga practice so much so that I've made up my mind that when I hire employees, yoga memberships will be subsidized by moss, and I go to the beach as medicine - a little bit of sun is healthy and playing in the waves is so refreshing. I used to surf almost daily and am trying to get back into it.

The farmer's market is a weekly must because that's where I get my raw dairy and these amazing Korean probiotic veggies. My husband and I live in LA, and I'm trying to take advantage of everything this location has to offer so I'm trying to do more exploring on the weekends. Of course, my husband and I work quite hard during the week and so many weekends are also unabashedly 100% stay-cation style full on relaxing, going to the beach, napping, and watching lame TV shows cuddling with our dogs.

What is your most loved skincare ingredient and how did you discover it?

Mmmmm, honestly, all the ingredients that are Nature-made are so decadent and divine. Rich gorgeous oils, amazing herbs...right now I'm blown away by royal jelly - I'm incorporating it into a mask which will be released when I've perfected the formula. It has exfoliating enzymes but it dissolves only dead skin, making it much more effective and gentle than fruit enzymes which dissolve everything - it feels like a really classy sophisticated super enzyme compared to fruit enzymes. It feels so weird when you put it on your skin - prickly. And it has a really cool smell too - very distinct. I love interesting smells. Give me something compelling and unusual over flowery and sweet any day.

A skincare myth you'd like to debunk?

I think a ton of people are over-exfoliating or exfoliating in the wrong way. Too much exfoliation can actually cause the skin to overproduce a certain inflammatory protein. Usually, in normal amounts this protein is not problematic, but it can cause comedones to form when there's too much of it. So paradoxically, over-exfoliating will cause more congestion instead of less.

Acids can easily strip and compromise the skin barrier and again, we see that people with acne have a much greater tendency than "normal" skins towards a weakened barrier already. So exfoliating is just stripping away the very little protection that the skin does have. A compromised barrier means the skin will be much more susceptible to pollutants, bacteria and external irritants and that it will take a lot longer to heal when damaged. So pimples will take forever to go away.

I do have a exfoliation philosophy and personal protocol that I'm planning to lay out in an upcoming moss blog post, but going over all the options and pros and cons now is beyond the scope of this interview. If you're on the moss email list, you'll know when the post is published. I will say two tips: I find that an intelligent combo of both chemical and physical exfoliation works the best for me and that something that is equally as important if not more important than exfoliation is stimulating healthy, new skin cell growth with ingredients that boost the components and processes in skin cells that are responsible for repair and regeneration.

What is one super power you'd love to have?

To love easily and infinitely. Let's be honest, a lot of times ego, fear and a smallness of being steal our happiness and cause hurt to others. I don't want to never experience negative thoughts or emotions, but I do want to be able to love more - much more.

A fun fact about you?

Ever since I started my business I've started analyzing all the brands and businesses I encounter - I can't help it, my mind has been corrupted in this direction. I don't necessarily like it. I try to figure out how they make money, how much money they're making and I inspect the marketing, product and customer service. Then I offer my own unsolicited opinions about what I love, what I'm confused about and what I would change or improve to whoever I'm with, usually my poor husband. I'm over-curious about this very specific thing. I think that's weird.

The next place you'd love to travel to?

Spain. Because of Gaudi and José Andrés.

Your favorite product from your line?

Whichever one is in development. That's the one I'm using and nurturing. I like new things, lol.