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Boxwalla | Artistan | Biodara | Mimi Kim is the lovely founder of Biodara, an eco conscious luxury skincare line that uses nutrient-rich organic and wildcrafted ingredients. The word Biodara is a melange of different languages and means : life, beauty and intelligence .

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Huntington Beach, CA

Mimi Kim is the lovely founder of Biodara, an eco conscious luxury skincare line that uses nutrient-rich organic and wildcrafted ingredients. The word Biodara is a melange of different languages and means : life, beauty and intelligence.


Mimi was inspired to create Biodara after she had delved deep into the world of healing natural ingredients during her personal experience dealing with Autoimmune disease. 


We included Biodara's wonderful Creme de Clay purifying mask in our August Box themed 'The Wandering Woman's Beauty Secrets'. This clay mask contains an unusual Korean ingredient called Jukyeom or roasted Bamboo Salt that has been prized for centuries for its beneficial properties. Jukyeom is usually taken internally for its ability to heal and that is how Mimi herself used Jukyeom. On a whim, one day, she used some topically on her skin and was amazed by the results. She then realized she had to use it in skincare product and when she created a clay mask, guess which ingredient founds its way into it? This mask is is great for a bit of skin-detox while restoring moisture and glow to the skin.


If you want to explore Biodara further, we also highly recommend their Cell Refresh Serum


What's your favorite thing about being a small business owner?

I really love meeting like minded, passionate people who are interested in sharing what they love.

Where can we find you when you aren't working on products for Biodara?

Usually at the Korean spa. It's very relaxing, detoxing and I like to test out all my new products while using the different rooms. 


A fun fact about you?

I used to be a jewelry designer. I still love incorporating natural elements into wearable pieces. It's very therapeutic. 


What's the next place you'd love to travel to?

Thailand is on my bucket list. I love the cuisine and culture, the beaches are gorgeous and there are some new exotic ingredients I'm interested in.

What is your favorite product from your line?

One of my favorite skincare ingredient  is Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) which is included in our two newly launched products:  EARTH + SEA DETOX FOOT SOAK and COCONUT MATCHA BRIGHTENING MASK. 


I first recognized the amazing benefits of this herb while on a trip to Korea. We were staying at a really lovely hotel which focused on "the harmony and beauty of modernism and tradition".  I was thrilled to find that they offered a Korean style bathhouse in their modern spa. They had this amazing tea bath soak which was so relaxing. My fibromyalgia induced aching muscles and joint pain seemed to melt away and I slept so peacefully and soundly.  I made sure to slip away every night to soak in the spa for the ten nights I was there.  That trip, and especially that special bath ritual, was a turning point in my healing journey.  The main ingredient in the bath I later found out was mugwort. 


Interestingly, mugwort has been prized by many cultures since ancient times. Roman centurions used to put the mugwort in their sandals to help relieve fatigue and the pain of aching feet. In Ayurvedic medicine, mugwort has been used as a wash for fungal infections such as athlete's foot.  In Asia it is used as a natural alternative skin treatment for acne and rashes as well as an anti-aging treatment as it increases skin radiance, reduces inflammation and has a brightening effect.