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Boxwalla | Artistan | Siam S.E.A.S | Supadra Geronimo created the luxury line Siam S.E.A.S to share with the world, the precious, healing botanicals of Southeast Asia.

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Siam S.E.A.S
Wesley Chapel, Florida

Supadra Geronimo created the luxury line Siam S.E.A.S to share with the world, the precious, healing botanicals of Southeast Asia. Armed with the secrets that her herbalist grandmother shared with her, as she was growing up in Thailand, she continued to build her knowledge of these potent raw materials by working with Thai herbalists. Till she was able to create some of the most beautiful and healing treatments for both skin and body. Every product in this line began with Supadra's desire to create a formula to alleviate her own symptoms of acne, eczema, scars & dehydrated, dull looking skin. And when you use them, you can sense all the knowledge and effort that has gone into the thoughtful crafting of these beautiful treasures that harness centuries old knowledge and study. With potent Southeast Asian herbs like Lakoocha, Clinicanthus Nutans, Plai, Thanaka, Ya Nang and more that are extractied in-house to protect their efficacy.


When we first tried Siam Seas, we were completely blown away - by the scents, the textures, the way our skin felt and looked, and the way we felt, having slowed down to use these wonderful potions. 


And so we invited you to discover 'Ancient Beauty Secrets from the East' in our October Beauty Box. To discover, via Siam Seas, how the power of herbs and botanicals from Southeast Asia could be distilled into effective, healing and truly luxurious products. The October Box included some of our favorites from Siam Seas : The Twilight BeCalm Skin SerumSiam Elements Beauty Balm & the Mekha Herbal Active Cleansing Balm. However, Siam Seas offers many more wonderful products. Some of our other favorites include the Noni Body Scrub, the Lakoocha Body Scrub, the Mangosteen facial scrub, the Butterfly pea hair treatment (The Root Strengthener) & the decadent Rice & White Tea Body Butter. But really, you can't go wrong with anything from this incredible line.



What's your favorite thing about being a small business owner?

      Flexibility. I love that I don’t have a rigid schedule that I have to follow. Spontaneity is my core. I love that I can adjust my schedule on the fly and get out and have lunch with my husband or my friends if I like.  Working mobile is really an amazing benefit as well.  I love being able to work from the beach. Sure there are days when you pay for the flexibility, a long night can turn into an early morning, but it is worth it to have a choice. 

Where can we find you when you aren't working on products for Siam Seas?

When I am not working on products or connecting with Siam SEAS clients to share my journey you will find me with my family, my little ones and my husband.  We do a lot of activities together as family, museums, aquariums, bike rides, swimming and of course rough housing around our home.


What is your most loved skincare ingredient and how did you discover it?

I really don’t have one ingredient that I love the most because each ingredient has different properties and can contribute to a targeted formula or work differently as a standalone. However the ones that are most sentimental to me because I discovered them through my grandmother are Thanaka and Curcuma Phaeocolis, a rhizome used mostly in Chinese meds (they are not the same as turmeric). These were part of her secret formula that she used to keep in a little jar to use on me when I would experience swelling. In fact it was these fond memories that inspired me to start SIAM SEAS. My grandma was beautiful and kind, but she was very protective of me. So the fact that her formulations worked for me and helped me feel better gave her a great deal of joy. She told me to remember the ingredients (which I don’t completely) to pass on to my children but she also firmly said DO NOT tell anyone else. I still laugh and smile when I think about it. She was the BEST

What is one super power you'd love to have?

Mindreading - definitely. I would love to know what infants and children are thinking especially my own children. LOL. It amazes me how much they absorb and the effect it has on how they develop.  I would love to try and understand how they process everything and how it all comes together in their minds.  I believe minds are powerful.  Our minds control our perceptions, feelings, actions and outlook to the world. I think if we could better understand what people are thinking we could avoid a lot of the violence we see today. 

A fun fact about you?

I believe in ghosts and am afraid to see one. When I was young my brother convinced me that if I build a wall of pillows and blankets around my bed and put a big Buddha statue at the head of my bed, it would prevent ghosts from being able to grab me.  As a result, every blanket and pillow in the house was on my bed.  Needless to say it was pretty funny to see the startled and puzzled facial expressions on my parents faces when they saw my bed. 

The next place you'd love to travel to?

Egypt and France. I think Egypt’s history is so fascinating and France is the country of beauty and romance. I would love to experience it.


Your favorite product from your line?

This is hard for me. I tend to be obsessed with the latest formulation because of the high level of involvement to create and test, but the truth is I use my products for different reasons and at different times, so they all have a place in my heart.