Chrysanthemum Tea

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Chrysanthemum Tea Benefits

This Chrysanthemum flower tea is a premium variety grown without the use of pesticides on a small family farm in the Hangzhou countryside in Zhejiang, China. Chrysanthemum bud or flower tea is a fundamental folk medicine in China. In many homes, chrysanthemum tea is drunk daily for the ongoing maintenance of health, especially eye health, and many grandmothers will advise drinking chrysanthemum tea in the evening if a person feels wired or stressed, to help one unwind at the end of the day and to fall asleep more easily. Children who have a hard time settling down in preparation for bedtime or who have trouble falling asleep are also given weak chrysanthemum tea.

Chrysanthemum flowers have anti-inflammatory properties. Skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne in part stem from excess internal heat and inflammation (which appears as unnatural skin redness), so drinking chrysanthemum tea often improves the health and appearance of the skin and decreases symptoms such as itching.

Chrysanthemum tea has a long history of topical use by women in many Asian cultures, as a steam or splash, to reduce wrinkles and to achieve firm, supple skin.

Flavor: A refreshing, cooling flavor of yellow flowers. Pleasantly metallic and mellow.

Size: 2 oz

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Chrysanthemum Tea
$34.00 $