Cranberry Bean

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Versatile and velvety, Rancho Gordo’s Cranberry Bean is a thin-skinned Borlotti bean that produces a rich, indulgent bean broth, making it perfect for classic Italian dishes as well as simple pot beans.

Cranberry beans are soft and dense with a velvety, rich texture. Cranberry is an odd name for a lovely, versatile bean.
Thought to be originally from Colombia, the bean has been bred around the world to become Madeira, Borlotti, Tounges of Fire, Wren’s Egg and more.

In Mexico you’ll find these as Cacahuate (peanut) beans and in Patzcuaro, you’ll fall in love with them in a good Sopa Tarasca, which is about one third pureed cranberry beans, one third roasted tomatoes and one third chicken stock, topped off with some deep fried tortilla strips.

Size: 1 Lb Bag

Suggestions: Minestrone soups, pasta e fagioli (pasta fazool), soups, casseroles, New England baked beans
and baked beans.

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Cranberry Bean
$8.00 $