Domingo Rojo Bean

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A classic red bean, essential to dishes like New Orleans Red Beans & Rice,
and equally important to many Caribbean cuisines.
Domingo Rojo holds its shape when cooked, and the thick bean broth
coats every rice grain or noodle with a luxurious sauce.

A small, mild yet dense, heirloom bean, begging to be put to work as red beans and rice,
chili con carne or a wonderful ingredient in your summer salad.
The bean is classic, and one of the reasons aficionados insist on good red beans
for their red beans and rice is the bean broth.
A good red bean will produce a sauce that coats every grain of rice
and ‘Domingo Rojo’ is that bean!

Suggestions: Red beans and rice, soups, pot beans, salads, chili, dips, casseroles

Size: 1 Lb Bag

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Domingo Rojo Bean
$6.95 $