Dragon’s Blood Antioxidant Cream

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What is it? Luxurious hydrating cream enriched in plant stem cell technology for a visibly radiant, firmer, smoother and nourished skin. The powerful blend of innovative ingredients reinforced with antioxidant superstar L-Glutathione, Superoxide dismutase and other anti-aging compounds to deliver critical antioxidants into the skin, helping fight free radical damage and inflammation.

Notes from the Curator: Infused with potent antioxidants, peptides, plant stem cells, ceramides, Chios Mastiha resin and dragon’s blood sap, this is a lightweight, luxuriously textured antioxidant cream that offers multi-dimensional hydration, leaving skin feeling deeply hydrated, nourished and with a protected ‘cushioned’ feel. A perfect cream that can be used day or night for treating dehydrated, sensitive and red skin.

Let’s get Nerdy: Dragon’s Blood cream has a unique moisture time release delivery system, that gradually ‘drip-feeds’ hydration into the skin throughout the day, helping to keep the skin smooth, soft and supple over a long period of time. Using patent pending JoySpheres™ time-release ingredient delivery system with key hydration boosting ingredients for long-lasting moisturization

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Dragon's Blood Antioxidant Cream
$115.00 $92.00 $