Herati Saffron

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This saffron is cultivated in the deserts of the Herat province in western Afghanistan, on the border with Iran, where saffron has grown for thousands of years. Each flower produces only three stigmas, which are painstakingly extracted by hand and dried. Our saffron threads are pulled carefully from the flower, which leaves a characteristic flame-colored tail. That slight gradation in color is your assurance that our saffron is 100% pure and never dyed or otherwise adulterated. Our saffron threads are also uncommonly delicate, with a warm, honeyed fragrance reminiscent of dried roses and fresh hay.

• Origin: Herat, Afghanistan

• Process: Sun-dried

• Ingredients: 100% whole saffron threads (Crocus sativa)

• Tasting notes: Honey • Dried Roses • Fresh Hay

Size: 0.5 g Jar

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Herati Saffron
$9.99 $