June 2022 Beauty Box

What’s in the June 2022 Beauty Subscription Box?

The June Beauty Box contains a gorgeous, limited edition antioxidant mask made with Red wine and fermented lees as well as a hydrating Peptide serum made in a base of Aloe, Rose, and Neroli Waters. All the products are freshly made for our box.

  1. Luna Biofermented Red Wine Mask ($78): LUNA is a seasonal limited edition made from purple red wine ferment (lees) mixed with an equal amount of the final, organic Red Wine that is made in-house. Red wine is rich in Polyphenols, Resveratrol, as well as Gluconic acid, and stimulates collagen & elastin restoration, and reduces free radical activity. Luna also contains Ellagic acid rich Strawberry juice, Rosehip extract, gentle pink Kaolin clay, Raw honey, and more!
  2. Eternal Milk Vitamin Peptide Treatment ($88): Eternal Milk is made in a base of Aloe Vera, Rose & Neroli Hydrosols. It combines carefully sourced, additive-free, lab synthesized peptides: Hexapeptide 1, Tetrapeptide 21 & Tetrapeptide 10, along with botanical or botanically sourced peptides like hydrolyzed Green Pea protein & White Lupine & hydrolyzed Sacha Inchi seed extract (hydrolyzed protein = peptides). There’s also Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C ester, Hibiscus, Gotukola and so much more – a veritable multivitamin drink for your skin!
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June 2022 Beauty Box