Desert Goddess Hydrating Bronzer

$21.00 $

The Desert Goddess hydrating and sculpting bronzer is a buildable and blendable hydrating bronzer rich in antioxidants and formulated with hyaluronic acid to provide a healthy all-over-warmth and glow to your skin.Formulated with skin-loving ingredients including East Africa Nilotica to create a rich, healthy and natural tan look year round. Packed with vitamins, nutrient and antioxidants to help nourish, condition and to create a gorgeous dewy glow.

Danakil (Very Fair)
Sahara (Fair)
Karoo (Light)
Kalahari (Medium)
Namib (Brown)
Nubian (Dark Medium)
Nyiri (Dark)
Guban (Very Dark)
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Lovinah Skincare | Bronzer - Danakil (Very Fair) | Boxwalla
Desert Goddess Hydrating Bronzer
$21.00 $