LUCA | Lipid-Ferment Fullerene + C Serum

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What is it? Luca a Lipid-Ferment Fullerene + C Serum is a next – generation, brightening concentrate, lipid – ferment, with Vitamin C and Natural Fullerene.

Notes from the Curator: LUCA is a unique, new category of serum, a fermented-lipid skin saviour

Let’s Get Nerdy: Luca – An acronym for Last Universal Common Ancestor [luca], a single-celled organism, that lived between three and four billion years ago, a close relative to Algae and Kelp.  LUCA is formulated to nurture the skin’s delicate microbiome balance, protect against environmental aggressors and pollution, brighten skin tone, plump, hydrate, and moisturize while supporting and strengthening the skin’s barrier function. Luca is formulated without Essential Oils for delicate/reactive/sensitized skins or for those wishing to simply avoid Essential Oils.

Size: 20ml

FERMENTING-LIPIDS / Significantly boosts the antioxidant activity, penetrates the skin faster and deeper, and has an increased ratio of bio-available free fatty acids and active polyphenols.

Benefits of Lipid-Fermentation:
+ Increases skin hydration
+ Reduces inflammation
+ Helps maintain a normal pH
+ Protects the skin barrier

POSTBIOTICS / Are at the heart of LUCA’s formulation – created by the unique fermentation process itself, taking place over a 150-hour duration, resulting in a Postbiotic rich lipid-ferment helping to promote and support a healthy skin microbiome.

BRIGHTENING / C-Tetra (Vitamin C) Lemon Peel Ferment, Fullerene, Licorice Root Ferment, Black Willow Bark Ferment, and Astaxanthin, promote a bright and even-toned complexion.

ALGAE-FUSION / An advanced combination of 5 water-sourced botanicals: Green Caviar, Astaxanthin (Red Alge), Green Algae, Irish Moss, and Oar Kelp, aid in boosting hydration and moisturization.

WELL-AGING / Mulkul Resin, Bio-Peptide, Vitamins C + E, Brazilian Paracress, Gromwell Root, and Angelica Root Ferment, collectively provide rejuvenating properties to lessen the appearance of the signs of skin aging.

POLLUTION-DEFENSE / Swiss Apple and Argan Sprout Stems Cells, Schisandra Fruit [an adaptogen], Algae Fusion, Gromwell Root Ferment, Glyclopidid, and Fullerene harness the benefits of powerful active antioxidants to help defend, and protect against pollution-induced skin damage.

BARRIER-AGENTS / Rice Lipid, Black Willow Bark Ferment, Gromwell Root Ferment, Algae Fusion, Glyclopidid, and Fullerene, support the skin’s barrier.

FULLERENE / Is a high-performance antioxidant, 250 times more effective than Vitamin C, stable for over 20 hours against UV rays, boosting the efficacy of our oil-soluble Vitamin C [Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate] and Vitamin E [Natural]. A powerful Antioxidant synergy! 

FIFTY7KIND / Is the first Australian Skincare Brand to launch a skincare product with sustainably sourced, naturally derived [Japanese Cedar] Fullerene.

PLEASE NOTE / LUCA is formulated without Essential Oils for delicate/reactive/sensitized skins or for those wishing to simply avoid Essential Oils.

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Fifty Seven Kind | Luca | Lipid-Ferment Fullerene + C Serum | Boxwalla
LUCA | Lipid-Ferment Fullerene + C Serum
$120.00 $