Mayocoba Bean

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Creamy and versatile, Mayocoba Bean has a pale yellow hue and super soft texture.
This mild-flavored bean soaks up all the flavors of the cooking pot.

A classic bean originally from Peru, now quite at home in our California beanfields, the Mayocoba is also known as Canario or Peruano.
It’s a thin-skinned but meaty bean that will take on all the flavors you can throw at it but still hold its shape.
Great as a substitute for Cannellini or great Northern beans but unique in its own right.
It’s popular all over Mexico but especially in the state of Jalisco, where you often see them used for super creamy refried beans.

Suggestions: Soups, refried beans, pot beans, dips

Size: 1 Lb Bag

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Mayocoba Bean
$8.00 $