Questions Asked

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Best known for his highly acclaimed novel Sophie’s World, Jostein Gaarder writes for both children and adults. Yet his work for younger readers does not shy away from philosophical problems. In Questions Asked, Gaarder poses a list of questions about human life and the world around us: Where does the world come from? Can anyone know what I think? How do my legs go where I want them to go while my mind is elsewhere? Can anyone do real magic tricks? Can I love another person as I love myself? These answerless questions merge with the beautiful illustrations of Akin Düzakin, two-time winner of the Brage Prize, into a tale of friendship, love, and grief – and of daring to think about life as you live it.

By Jostein Gaarder
Illustrated by Akin Düzakin
Translated from Norwegian by Don Bartlett


(Age : 3 – 7 )

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Jostein Gaarder | Questions Asked | Boxwalla
Questions Asked
$14.00 $