Skin Prep: Hyperpigmentation & Brightening

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If Hyperpigmentation is your concern, we recommend starting a routine to address it, 6 months to a year before the big day.

From Lavanya “When I hit 35 a few years ago, I suddenly experienced increased hyperpigmentation: a slew of ‘age/liver spots’ appeared on my skin. What really helped me (and it took patience and a year of consistency) was a combination of 4 products:

1. Retinol. Also, see this detailed guide to Retinol here.

2. Gentle Chemical Exfoliation (with gentle acids): 1-2 times a week

3. Vitamin C serum ( I used a serum with a gentle Vitamin C ester)

4. And most importantly: consistent use of a sunscreen”

You will find Votary’s Brightening Hyaluronic acid serum (with a gentle dose of Glycolic acid), Cipher’s C-shield Vitamin C serum, And Votary’s Overnight treatment as well as Skin Alchemist’s Time Traveller in the bundle. Add sunscreen to this routine and you are set! You can then slowly add a  gentle retinol to this routine.

The Hyperpigmentation Bundle contains 4 full-size products.

The Votary box contains:
1. Intense Overnight Mask – Rosehip and Hyaluronic (50 ml, $136)
2. Brightening Hyaluronic Serum – Narcissus and AHA (50 ml, $118)

The Cipher-SkinAlchemists Box contains:
1. Cipher Skincare’s C-Shield Antioxidant Serum (30 ml, $95)
2. Skin Alchemist’s Time Traveller Renewing Face Cream (50ml, $117)

Total Retail Value of this bundle: $466

Notes: With this box, you have a hydrating, brightening serum, an overnight cream mask that works beautifully as a nighttime cream over serums & oils, an antioxidant Vitamin C serum, and a beautifully nourishing yet lightweight moisturizer that can be used both day or night, but that I especially love using during the day as it makes a beautiful base under makeup.

Below are suggestions for day and night time skincare rituals, but feel free to mix & match & play!

Daytime Ritual: To damp skin, Apply Cipher C-shield, add 1-4 drops of an oil serum (like these ones from Lepaar), & seal it all in with the Skin Alchemists’ Time Traveller cream.

Nighttime Ritual: To damp skin, apply 2-4 drops of Votary’s Brightening serum. Add 1-4 drops of an oil serum (optional), & seal in with Votary’s Intense Overnight Mask/cream.

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Skin Prep: Hyperpigmentation & Brightening
$140.00 $