Yen Heal and Hydrate – 50 ml

$50.00 $

What is it? Yen Heal and Hydrate is a healing botanical water that is designed to be a toner-serum hybrid.

Notes from the Curator: Like most of Supadra’s products, Yen is a unique product that bends proddduct ;genres’ to speak.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Yen is a combination of Aloe and 27 botanical extracts are entwined in the synergistic foundation to infuse skin cells with healing actives and powerful antioxidants. Amino acid-filled protein and polysaccharides work to retain your skin’s moisture, encouraging skin elasticity while providing a transparent layer of protection allowing cells to repair and renew. It is formulated with a delivery system that effectively prepares the skin for maximum nutrient absorption during the moisturizing step!

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Siam Seas | Yen Heal and Hydrate - 50 ml | Boxwalla
Yen Heal and Hydrate - 50 ml
$50.00 $