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Boxwalla | Artistan | Amly Botanicals | 100 m below Lisa's wildflower meadow in East Sussex in England, flows an artesian spring rich in silver.

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Amly Botanicals
East Sussex, United Kingdom

100 m below Lisa's wildflower meadow in East Sussex in England, flows an artesian spring rich in silver. Lisa and Kerry were inspired by this healing silver-water to create Amly Botanicals and their first mist : Radiance Boost Silver Rich Mist, that once we tried, we just had to include in our April Box.


Formulated specifically to relieve tired, stressed skin, this is an alchemical melding of the traditional and modern. It is chockful of skin perfecting copper and pea peptides that hydrate, smooth & product the skin, as well as hyaluronic acid that boosts the skin's moisture content. The silver-rich water is also infused with organic flowers, hedgegrow fruit. native herbs & essential oils that are part of the East Sussex landscape. Further, organic flower waters, that are slowly & gently hydridistilled, are blended with the silver water, to bottle the life force of the whole wildflower meadow.


Kerry has a background in homeopathy & holistic health while Lisa's background is in art & organic living. Together they have created something extraordinary : skincare mists that are so active and nutrient dense that they double up as serums. Not only that, their mists are olfactory stories, of walking through a wildflower meadow and breathing in all its incredible beauty.

What's your favorite thing about being a small business owner?


Kerry : I love that every day is different, we have become knowledgeable in so many areas as ultimately it is just Lisa & I making the decisions. It is incredibly rewarding when the feedback is so positive.


Lisa : Unhindered creativity.

Where can we find you when you aren't working on developing gorgeous facial mists for Amly?


Kerry: We both work from home, for me that is in the Oxfordshire countryside. I am usually at the computer catching up on various work commitments, hence the need for the Digital Detox! I do a Pilates/Barre class 3x a week, walk my dog every day which I love, time to reconnect with nature. The rest of the time is filled with taking care of the family.


Lisa: On the farm or in the herb garden. We have 140 acres of organic land to manage.

What is your most loved skincare ingredient and how did you discover it?


Kerry: It would have to be the silver rich water, it is so special, Lisa and her family are incredibly lucky to have it as their drinking and bathing water, no wonder she looks so radiant. 


Lisa: Niaouli essential oil in our Digital Detox face mist - I discovered it while researching our key ingredients for this mist. It provides powerful antimicrobial protection. Copper peptides in Radiance Boost.. our very gifted alchemist introduced us to this magical ingredient. And of course our silver rich spring water! Which we discovered beneath our wildflower meadow.

Your favorite product from your line?


Kerry: Gosh, that is tricky as we only have 2 products right now, it would be like choosing between 2 children. I think as the Radiance Boost was the first it will always be special.


Lisa: I'm loving our Digital Detox face mist right now as I'm travelling quite a bit and it's brilliant for in-flight trips. It keeps at bay the bugs and colds you often get when you fly.

A skincare myth you'd like to debunk?


Kerry: I think as a holistic practitioner it would have to be, that there isn't a single product solution to what can be complicated skin conditions like rosacea & acne. In my practice I would encourage people to look at their lifestyle choices, what we do here impacts on our health, physical & mental, our wellbeing & how we look. There really are no instant cure alls.


Lisa: Ignore a strict beauty regime and take key products that work for you.

What is one super power you'd love to have?


Kerry: Perhaps to be able to duplicate myself when things are getting a little too busy.


Lisa: Ability to fly.

A fun fact about you?


Kerry: I love football (Soccer) I am a huge Liverpool fan, my father was a footballer & is still in management.


Lisa: I can't sleep when it's a full moon so I've taken to moonbathing instead!

The next place you'd love to travel to?


Kerry:  I have a long list but I would love to go to Bhutan.


Lisa: Japan