Frequently (& Infrequently) Asked Questions

What is Boxwalla?

Boxwalla is a discovery platform that helps you discover and experience the highest quality products of human expression. We place them in context so you can experience them fully. This way you are equipped to decide if they belong in your life or not.

That sounds a bit too cryptic, can you elaborate?

Yes! Sure. Let’s try again with examples. We currently have four boxes that you can subscribe to:

BEAUTY BOX: We set out to find beauty products that were the most effective and indulgent while being gentle, nourishing and crafted by ingredient-conscious companies. We also wanted them to be safely preserved. The beauty box contains the results of this search. Each month we will focus on an aspect of the beauty ritual and over the course of a year, you can expect to have experienced and acquired products that together will provide you with a comprehensive arsenal for your beauty needs.

BOOK BOX: Every year, when somebody wins the Nobel Prize, most people go ‘Whooo?’ Every time we read these writers, after they win the Nobel, we wonder where they have been all ours lives. The answer to that isn’t that complicated. They’ve been right here! Our mission is to scour the vast expanses of Literature and bring to you the best. 

FILM BOX: “But Art cinema is boring!”  We hear that a lot. Some of it is, we agree. Some of it is even pretentious. But there is so much that is wonderful and moving and entertaining. Yes entertaining! In this box, we’d like to present to you, what we consider are some of the best films and filmmakers. We place them in cinematic and cultural context so you can appreciate and enjoy them. You will not love all the films but we are sure you will find atleast one filmmaker among them to love. 

What are your standards when it comes to beauty products?

We try to do our research before we decide which products to include. The products we include are not only made from nutrient-rich, nourishing ingredients but we like to ensure that they are properly preserved with safe yet effective preservatives. If there is a certain ingredient you are trying to avoid and which is not contained in the list below, please contact us and we can confirm whether or not the products in the current box contain that ingredient.
a. Cruelty (no carmine, no silk, no animal testing)
b. Parabens
c. Sulphates
d. Phthalates
e. Triethanolamine, Diethanolamine
f. Propylene Glycol
g. Formaldehyde releasing preservatives such as Diazolidinyl Urea
h. PEG igredients (since they could be contamined with 1,4 Dioxane)
i. DMDM Hydantoin
j. Triclosan

How do you select products for your boxes?

We only include products that we personally love and that have been used or tested by our team.
Boxwalla is an expression of our shared love of the arts and the best that our sensory world has to offer. To that end, this is a labor of love: a small family owned business that we have funded ourselves, with no investor backing or external funding. This serves to maintain our high, non compromisable standards and allows us complete creative control.
If you are a vendor interested in being featured in our box, please email us at to discuss product submission for tasting or testing as the case may be!

And what about the boxes that these things come in?

Each box containing Boxwalla goodies is carefully crafted from tree-free handmade paper. A small company in India makes the paper for us, from cotton scraps, using the traditional art of paper-making that involves 9 steps and takes several weeks. The handmade paper is then meticulously fashioned into the boxes that you see in the pictures. The whole process is completely child labor free and employs 63 local villagers and 20 skilled artisans whose families have been making paper for generations. We love supporting socially and environmentally conscious businesses such as these : They craft beautiful products while preserving traditional crafts and skills that would otherwise be completely lost.

Could you please tell me when to subscribe and how the billing works?

Before you subscribe you will need to create an account. You can subscribe to one box per order. If you want to subscribe to more than one box, add each of them in a separate order.
The cut-off dates for subscription is the 1st of the month that the box ships. But the last day to cancel or switch is the 20th of the preceding month.
Let’s try this with an example of the December box. To receive the December box, you must subscribe by December 1st.
When you subscribe you will be billed immediately. You will then be rebilled for the next box after the next cutoff date (January 20th). So you have until January 20th to make your decision about the February boxes : decide if you want to keep the same box, switch to another box or cancel.
To avoid confusion, we ask that you wait to cancel the next box till after you receive your current box. There will be plenty of time, between when you receive a box and the next cut off date, to cancel.

When do the subscription boxes ship?

The subscription boxes start shipping towards the end of the first week of the month. So for example, the June Boxes will start shipping around June 5. The boxes are usually shipped in the following order : Beauty, Book, Food and Film.

What is the difference between subscription and one-time boxes?

Think of subscription boxes as series in a book. Each box in the subscription is related to another, so reading the whole series gives you the whole picture. When you buy a subscription box, you are billed every two months, automatically, till you cancel.
One-time boxes are like stand alone novels. When you buy one, you just buy that one box. These boxes are more comprehensive since that one box tells the whole story. With the subscription boxes, the story is built over multiple boxes.
So our recommendation when you get a subscription box is to stick with it a few months, to watch the story unfold. This is especially true for the Film Box. Having said that, if you hate a box, you can cancel or switch to another box. Each box can be enjoyed alone, even while being part of a series.

So what’s with the name Boxwalla?

In India, the word boxwalla means ‘Box-seller’, ‘box person’ or ‘traveling merchant’. ‘Walla Walla’ is the Native American name for a ‘place of many waters’. So we think of ourselves as traveling merchants, getting drunk on things of ‘many waters’ and sharing those things with you. As we travel, physically, or through the stories told by the things we love, we find that the figurative corners of the world begin to dissolve and what we are left with are universal human experiences. 

Wow that is heavy! Why these four categories (Book, Film, Beauty, Food) ??

These categories reflect our interests. We like to find the best in every category that we engage with. But we have many interests. So you might see other categories pop up in the future. You can read more in this blog post.

And shipping?

Shipping within the U.S is free!

Do you ship to other countries?

Yes we do! There are exceptions on the One-time Page which will be noted in the listing.