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  • Praiseworthy By Alexis Wright
  • January By Sara Gallardo
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Boxwalla Book Subscription Box

With our unique bimonthly book box, you will discover the best literary fiction from around the world. Our book boxes offers the easiest way to experience literary classics & the best of contemporary fiction. So, if you’re ready to read the most diverse & captivating literary works on earth, sign up for our bimonthly book subscription box. Scroll down for Book Box FAQs!

Each Book Box comes with 2 books and 1 bookish item!

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February 2024 Book Box contains:-

– Praiseworthy By Alexis Wright

– January By Sara Gallardo


Praiseworthy By Alexis Wright

In a small town in the north of Australia, a mysterious cloud heralds both an ecological catastrophe and a gathering of their ancestors. A crazed visionary looks to donkeys to solve the global climate crisis and the economic dependency of the Aboriginal people. His wife, seeking solace from his madness, follows the dance of butterflies and scours the internet to find out how her Aboriginal/Chinese family could be repatriated to China. One of their sons, named Aboriginal Sovereignty, is determined to commit suicide. The other, Tommyhawk, wishes his brother dead so that he can pursue his dream of becoming white and powerful.Praiseworthy is an epic which pushes allegory and language to their limit; a unique masterpiece that bends time and reality, opening new literary vistas; a cry of outrage against oppression and disadvantage; and a fable for the end of days.

January by Sara Gallardo

January is the story of a 16-year-old farmworker named Nefer. In the Argentine pampas, all things bow to Nefer. Reeds nod when she digs her heels into her horse, unripe peaches snap and fall as she gallops past. Sickly-sweet air bends, churns in Nefer’s throat. Nefer measures the distance between her body and the table, and feels something filling her up, turning against her. Her belly swells. Desperate, Nefer visits a local medicine woman who is known to perform abortions but Nefer becomes too afraid to explain why she is truly there. She attends confession at church but cannot confide in the priest. During a fierce argument with her mother, she finally blurts out her secret.

A radical feminist text, January was the first Argentine novel to represent rape from the survivor’s perspective and to explore the life-threatening risks pregnancy posed in a society where abortion was both outlawed and taboo. With a narcotic musicality and voice scorched through with honesty, Gallardo hangs before us an experience that has been lived and ignored a thousand times over. Nefer closes her eyes. We careen to her and we see.

Bookish Gift

In this book box, we also feature a reporter notepad from Black woman owned brand Cloth & Paper. Cloth and Paper was founded in 2015 by Ashley Reynolds, who has been “a paper-loving, pen-hoarding, notebook collector for as long as I can remember.” She creates luxurious planners, journals and planner accessories.
We are excited to include the lined reporter notepad in the February Book Box. Perfect to toss into your handbag (or pocket) for notes on the go, the reporter notepad’s smaller size makes it perfect for quick notes, lists, sketches or journal entries. The notebook has 160 pages (80 double-sided sheets) and black spiral binding.
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