One Stripe Chai

Single Origin Tea Blends

One Strip Chai was founded by Farah Jesani.  In Farah’s own words “I have to start by explaining my relationship with chai. I’m Indian so drinking chai is basically in my blood. I have memories with chai that most people in the US have with coffee. I still remember getting my first cup in a small light amber mug with a matching saucer which I used to cool the chai down and slurp up. Soon enough after college I was reacquainted with chai, but I still avoided ordering chai lattes at coffee shops because I always found them to be too sweet or incredibly bland. Fast forward about 5 years, and I found myself in Portland launching a chai company to bring this South Asian beverage back to its roots – starting with craft coffee shops. The idea of One Stripe Chai fell into my lap randomly and serendipitously, the way most great things tend to fall into laps.”

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