Elemental Advanced Hydration Essence

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Naturallogic Elemental Advanced Hydration Essence

What is it? ELEMENTAL toning essence delivers advanced hydration and potent antioxidants while brightening, lightening dark spots and skin tone, reducing the appearance of pores, calming inflammation, restoring moisture levels, and balancing skin’s pH, for bright, plump, hydrated skin. Rich in vitamins, minerals, humectants and probiotics that work together to form a thriving skin eco-system that improves moisture, while fending off water robbing elements.

Notes from the Curator: This pale pink essence is created in base of in-house made seasonal Red Wine. It works beautifully both in the toning step of a skincare routine, as well as in the hydrating serum step and was feataured in oour Beauty Box.

Let’s get Nerdy: Red Wine is rich in naturally occurring AHA’s, Polyphenols, Resveratrol, and Gluconic Acid stimulating collagen & elastin restoration. Toni, the. creator uses 3 molecular weights of Hyaluronic acid for optimal hydration. Red Algae enhaces the skin’s barrier function and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) increases collagen production and reduces hyperpigmentation and sun damage. With 3 low molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, Red Algae + in-house made, seasonal Red Wine, creating a plump from within look and feel, Coconut Water to mineralize, and Vitamin B3 to strengthen barrier function, balance moisture levels, decrease water loss and increase skin’s natural hydration. This ​3-pronged approach targets increasing hydration with ingredients that add hydration, stimulating skin’s innate ability to create hydration, and preventing the loss of hydration from skin’s surface, ensuring plump skin that lasts all day.


+ Dynamically replenishes skin hydration
+ Improves barrier function + protection
+ Mitigates melasma, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation
+ Increases moisture retention
+ Brightens + illuminates
+ Increases suppleness + elasticity
+ Reduces surface inflammation
+ Improves skin tone + texture
+ Hydrates while toning + restoring pH
+ Reduces excess oil
+ Reduces the appearance of pores
+ Plumps fine lines
+ Instills hydration that lasts all day

Size: 118ml

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Elemental Advanced Hydration Essence
$98.00 $