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Elemental Day Silk – 12% Non-Nano Zinc Outdoor Fluid

$55.00 $

What is it? A silky moisturising fluid SPF that works with the Sun, not against it.

Notes from the Curator: A hint of malted grain and powdery mineral dances with warm honey and mysterious resin; Voluptuous Ylang Ylang sings of Summer night dreams and meanderings through dew dripping rain forests.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Composed with strong antioxidant plant extracts, fortified with 12% non-nano, uncoated mineral Zinc and a micro dose of Ylang Ylang to help balance heat/cold elements and activate the ethereal body. Helps strengthen the skins natural defence, combat environmental stress and lock in hydration. Energetically, Ylang Ylang is cooling, clears heat from the heart, and calms the nervous system. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ylang Yang regulates the Life Force and harmonises the Spirit.

Size: 30ml

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Elemental Day Silk - 12% Non-Nano Zinc Outdoor Fluid
$55.00 $