Greenhouse Glow Antioxidant Mask

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What is it? Greenhouse Glow Antioxidant Mask is a nutrient-dense smoothie for the skin, designed to scavenge free radicals to maintain healthy skin function. A collection of colorful plants scavenge free radicals to maintain healthy skin function. The balm is activated by water to extract powerful Phyto-compounds to promote circulation, oxygenation, and remineralization which encourages an even tone, bringing the complexion back to life. Over time, it helps to improve the skin’s ability to maintain moisture and improve elasticity.

Notes from the Curator: This is a balm-like mask that you mix with a water to create a creamy consistency before application. It is senstive to heat, so if it melts, place in the fridge to firm up.

Let’s get Nerdy:

Cupuaçu butter is renowned for deep moisture due to its ability to hold 400% of its weight in water and provides an occlusive emollient to prevent water loss.

Nutrient-dense, cold-pressed seed oils of cranberryraspberry and pumpkin create a range of skin-loving vitamins of A & E, carotenoids and high linoleic fatty acids to help modulate inflammation and encourage rejuvenation.

Plantain, bee balm and self-heal work collectively to stimulate skin cell generation to firm the skin and lessen scars or dark marks. Also rich in UV and pollution protectant antioxidants to strengthen the skin’s response to environmental factors to skin barrier degradation.

Carefully processed for maximum potency Pumpkin seed powder is rich in a wide range of antioxidants, amino acids, omega-6, and omega-3 fatty acids and rich minerals like zinc for soothing and vitamin K for discoloration.

Oatmeal and snow mushroom contain powerful polysaccharides to help impart humectants to hydrate the deeper layers of the skin.  Blended with the oils and added water during the masking process it creates a complete moisturizer for the skin to help deliver all the powerful compounds present in the formula.

Size: 50ml

Suitable for oily, dry, combo, and sensitive types.

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Greenhouse Glow Antioxidant Mask
$52.00 $