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  • Hurraw Crimson Aura Lip and Cheek Tint


Crimson Aura Balm

$20.00 $

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Hurraw Crimson Aura Balm

Bee free, Shea free, Soy free, Palm free.

68% Organic Ingredients.
Get a little cheeky with this coconut based Crimson Aura accent balm!

Crimson Aura was specifically formulated to give the cheeks a pinch of color and shimmer without staining, feeling greasy or being too sparkly. Yes, it can be used on lips too.

An alkanet root infusion mixed with anthocyanin rich purple carrot extract offers a gorgeous sheer crimson hue.

100% plant color = no iron/tin oxide colorants (metal), carmine (cochineal insect) or FD&C/D&C synthetic dyes and lakes (petroleum).

Size: 5.8 g / 0.2 oz

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Crimson Aura Balm
$20.00 $