Amplified Eyeshadow

$18.00 $

These long-wear mineral and plant-based Amplified Eyeshadows are bold, soft, creamy, and blend like a dream! Our Eyeshadows can be applied with a clean damp brush for a more vibrant intensity or double up as a cake eyeliner. Amplified Eyeshadows are infused with Organic Coconut and Jojoba oils to prime and hydrate eyelids while Green Tea and Rosehip keeps your eyes radiant and mesmerizing. Johnny Concert’s plastic-free magnetic palettes are sustainably designed so that the eyeshadows can easily be replaced.

Martinis & Bikinis
Studs + Spikes
Rich Bitch
Smash Stereo
Hearts on Fire
Acid Mermaid
Crown of Roses
Highest Voltage
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Amplified Eyeshadow
$18.00 $