Surfer’s Paradise Soap

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What is it? A naturally conditioning and opulent bar with a low lather, made primarily from olive oil and African shea butter. Free of any essential oils and with a natural oat scent. It’s safe enough for use on very dry skin, and known to help to soothe skin troubled with eczema, acne and chicken pox.

Notes from the Curator: Collodial oatmeal in this soap provides a very gentle exfoliation effect that removes dead skin with a gentle touch

Let’s Get Nerdy: The hero in this potion is Sea Moss extract sourced from the Caribbean Island of St Lucia. Sea Moss contains a myriad of skin benefits and is naturally rich in sulfur which makes it antibacterial, anti viral and anti microbial which may help acne suffers, particularly body acne!

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SKIN ALCHEMISTS | Surfer's Paradise | Boxwalla
Surfer's Paradise Soap
$14.00 $