Tinted Sole Lip + Face Balms – Gold

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What is it? Softly hued balms for a blush of colour on lips and cheeks These little jewels are composed with exfoliating and rejuvenating Papaya Seed oil, restoring and wound-healing Calendula extract, anti-oxidant Vanilla extract moisture loss preventing beeswax and trace element providing Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt.

Notes from the Curator: The balms moisturise and protect the lips on a cellular level, as the 84 vital trace elements in Pink Himalayan Crystal salt are absorbed via the lips.

Let’s Get Nerdy: The colour comes from certified edible Mica in just the right amount to give a blush of lightly sparkling colour, without the drying mineral element. Energetically, Resin extracts + homeopathic (minute) doses of essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh, plus 24 Karat Gold balance the body-soul-spirit alignment.

GOLD SOLE – A warm shimmer of luminous Gold.

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Lepaar | Tinted Sole Lip + Face Balms - Gold | Boxwalla
Tinted Sole Lip + Face Balms - Gold
$22.00 $