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Burlap & Barrel’ spectacular za’atar is blended at origin in Palestine with locally grown herbs, sesame seeds and sumac.

Za’atar is a blend named after its key ingredient, a Levantine species of oregano that flourishes in the region’s characteristic arid conditions, and it also includes sesame seeds, sumac and other ingredients, depending on who’s making it. Good za’atar tastes savory, deeply herbal, piney, nutty, tart and peppery.

Origin: Ein Samiya, Palestine
Aliases: Zatar, za’tar, za3tar
Process: Dried, ground and blended
Ingredients: Za’atar (Origanum syriacum), toasted sesame seeds, sumac, salt, citric acid
Tasting notes: Mountain Herbs • Toasted Sesame • Tradition
Pairs well with: Black Urfa Chili, Purple Stripe Garlic, Cured Sumac

Size: 1.6 oz glass jar

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Burlap and Barrel | Za'atar | Boxwalla
$9.99 $