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88mph Short Contact Remodelling Balm

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Cipher 88mph Short Contact Remodelling Balm

What is it? A breakthrough 2-minute retinoid treatment providing instantaneous active delivery in a uniquely scalable system. Powerful brighteners, restorative actives, and holistic factors team to dramatically remodel the look of skin while mitigating typical side effects of retinoids: dryness and sensitivity. an advanced approach targeting multiple skin concerns simultaneously for a remarkably radiant, unblemished, rejuvenated appearance.

Notes from the Curator: Based on the proven science of short contact therapy, this first-of-its-kind active-in-lipid matrix system optimizes instantaneous delivery in an incredibly short contact time. Easily scalable based on usage duration and frequency, this potent rinse-off remodelling treatment balances intensity and holistic restoration to noticeably transform the skin like never before.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Retinal, or Retinaldehyde, is the most potent form of retinoid available without a prescription. Because of this, it yields results more quickly at lower concentrations than typical retinol. 88mph houses the highest concentration of liposome-stabilized retinal on the market—0.2%—inside a lusciously soothing lipid gel to target the appearance of fine lines, congestion, and thinning skin in 2 minutes flat. Expect noticeable firming and plumping of the complexion, resurfacing of skin texture, and a remarkably clarified, radiant, healthful look. This first-of-its-kind short contact therapy system delivers potent ingredients instantaneously and minimizes likelihood of adverse effects. More than a retinoid. 88mph teams synergistic brightening ingredients to dramatically speed pigmentation-correcting effects. an azelic acid derivative targets the appearance of redness and discolorations, salicylic acid facilitates resurfacing and clarifies pores, and a talented amino acid derivative ensures new hyperpigmented spots do not appear. skin seems bright, even, and emanates an incredibly vibrant luminosity.

To keep skin in a comfortable, soothed state, 88mph delivers barrier supporting ingredients synchronously with potent actives. an oil-soluble, bioavailability-enhanced ester of soothing licorice root active glycyrrhetinic acid quickly calms signs of irritation and redness. Multifunctional restorer ectoin teams with soothing hyperforin from st. john’s wort to support holistic skin healing. finally, madecassosideceramides and panthenol ensure uncomfortable itching sensations are kept at bay for a thoroughly nourished, exceptionally restored finish.

Key Actives: liposomal retinal 0.2%, salicylic acid, ectoin, potassium azeloyl diglycinate, stearyl glycyrrhetinate, ceramides, hyperforin, phospholipids, undecylenoyl phenylalanine, madecassoside, ximenynic acid, tripeptide-29, panthenol

Size: 50ml

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88mph Short Contact Remodelling Balm
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