• Apothaka Barrier Support Serum
  • Apothaka Barrier Support Serum


Barrier Support Serum

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Apothaka Barrier Support Serum

What is it? Apothaka Barrier Support Serum is a hydrating barrier repair serum designed to support, protect and replenish the skin barrier, for optimal hydration balance and to keep skin healthy.

Notes from the Curator: A perfect blend of key ingredients to support a healthy skin barrier housed in a lightweight, watery gel serum that feels instantly hydrating – it feels like a drink for the skin!

Let’s Get Nerdy: This has 5% niacinamide, ceramide complex & hyaluronic acid. Niacinamide strengthens barrier function (among a wide variety of other benefits), resulting in better water retaining abilities of the skin. Ceramide complex is the key component of your skin’s natural lipid mix, this skin-identical lipid complex contains 3 different types of ceramides, cholesterol and the ceramide precursor phytosphingosine to help form a protective layer and reduce moisture loss from the skin’s surface. This has hyaluronic acid that instantly hydrates, plumps and smooths the skin.

Skin type:  all skin types, including sensitive skin

Skin goal:   skin barrier health, healthy ageing, hydration, anti-redness

Key ingredients:  niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, ceramide complex (including cholesterol & ceramide precursor)

Fragrance free

pH: 5-5.5

Size: 30 ml pump dispenser

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Apothaka | Barrier Support Serum| Boxwalla
Barrier Support Serum
$54.00 $