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Cloud Melt Hybrid Cleanser

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Cipher Cloud Melt Hybrid Cleanser

What is it? The best of water-based and oil-based cleansing in one meticulous formula. This hybrid treatment cleanser softly glides over skin to eradicate all traces of grime and infuse soothing, reviving nourishment. Gentle actives clarify pores, comfort redness and sensitivity, and delicately refine texture for a smooth, clear, perfectly prepped canvas.

Notes from the Curator: The perfect balance of efficacy and experience. Elevate your cleansing ritual with this lavishly emollient balm-gel hybrid. a uniquely sophisticated formula functioning as an oil-based cleanser, water-based cleanser, and refining treatment in one. the naturally soft, sweetly musky, lightly herbaceous scent entices as the lipid-rich, cloud-like texture envelopes the skin. carve out a moment every day with cloud melt—a sensorial experience to purposefully pamper skin.

Let’s Get Nerdy:

Clarity Blend: The gentle aha and pha combo of mandelic acid and gluconolactone promote cell turnover to soften and smooth visible fine lines, spots, and hyperpigmented marks. caffeine encourages blood circulation to reduce puffiness and improve tone. restorative extracts of st. john’s wort and ginger root support skin healing to combat signs of inflammation. ectoin, touted as a “stress-protection molecule,” dramatically reduces the irritation potential of cleansing systems while promoting a brighter-looking complexion

Sensitivity Soothers: Infuse skin with calming nourishment while you cleanse. azulene, a brilliantly blue active component of the german chamomile plant, soothes and balances. a high dose of b vitamin panthenol supports skin repair to diminish visible redness and sensitivity. for enhanced indulgence and nutritive benefits, guava, hemp, and cupuaçu seed deliver restorative antioxidants and leave skin plumped and nourished—never tight or dry—making it perfect for use during recovery from cosmetic treatments.

Hydration Boosters: A biomimetic hydrating blend ensures water levels within the skin are replenished as you cleanse. eleven perfectly balanced amino acids and natural moisturising factors mimic the skin’s own water-loss protection system. to complement, hydrating snow mushroom polysaccharide and a xylitylglucoside sugar complex ensure the plump, saturated feel remains long after rinsing.

Efficiant Oil Cleansing Complex: An innovative blend of oil cleansing esters provides comprehensive impurity-dissolving performance. the optimal solvency of this gentle blend was carefully selected to disperse even the toughest grime and makeup in a flash. these lightweight esters give extraordinary slip, a velvety-soft skin feel and protect the skin’s precious lipid barrier while cleansing. then, gentle surfactants instantly lift residues at the first touch of water to rinse cleanly without a trace.

Key Actives: mandelic acid, azulene, guava + hemp + cupuaçu seed, panthenol, ectoin, snow mushroom, st. john’s wort, ginger root, oil cleansing esters, amino acids, natural moisturising factors, polyhydroxy acid, xylitylglucoside hydration complex, caffeine

Size: 120ml

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