Cobanero Chili Flakes

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Burlap & Barrel’s Cobanero Chili is a rare Mayan variety of chili pepper, grown in the mountains around the city of Cobán, Guatemala. It has a lush, fruity aroma and a fierce, smoky heat that makes everything taste better. Perfect for anyone who appreciates true chili flavor.

They’re SO good – fruity like a peach, sweet, slightly smoky, and brightly spicy. They’re spicier than serrano peppers and in the same range as cayenne.

Origin: Coban, Guatemala
Aliases: chile cobanero
Heat level: 30,000-50,000 Scoville units
Process: Air-dried
Ingredients: Cobanero chili pepper (Capsicum annuum)
Tasting notes: Papaya • Roasted Corn • Fire

Size: 1.5oz glass jar

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Cobanero Chili Flakes
$9.99 $