Goodnow Farms Almendra Blanca Hot Cocoa

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Goodnow Farms Almendra Blanca Hot Cocoa is an award-winning hot chocolate from Mexico and has a distinctive nutty flavor.

Almendra Blanca Hot Cocoa won Gold and Best in Competition awards at the International Chocolate Awards World Drinking Chocolate Competition.

Most hot cocoa is alkalized, which means it’s washed with a solution of potassium carbonate.  This allows the cocoa powder to dissolve in milk or water more easily, but significantly alters the flavor.  Alkalizing also removes a significant amount of the natural flavanols, which are compounds that play a significant role in the beneficial effects of eating cacao.

GoodNow farms cacao is NOT alkalized.  You may need to stir  your hot cocoa a bit more vigorously but you’ll taste the unique flavor of the beans, and get the full benefit of cacao’s flavanols!

This Almendra Blanca hot cocoa has a distinctive nutty flavor.

Size: 220 g bag

Almendra Blanca

Almendra Blanca literally means “white almond,” (but rest assured there are no actual nuts in Almendra Blanca bar). The color of this bean gives the finished bar a lighter look despite its high cacao content.

Goodnow Farms sources Almendra Blanca cacao from an 80-year-old family farm in the Mexican state of Tabasco.

Hacienda Jesus Maria is a 70-hectare farm with 50 hectares of cacao. Farmer Vicente Alberto Gutierrez Cacep employs best farming and processing practices, and he strongly supports community initiatives and local businesses, including those owned by women.

During slow economic times Vicente intercropped and farmed 20 hectares with a variety of species for variety and stability. Products on this 20 hectares include coffee, oranges, pimienta gorda, bananas, and cattle. Vicente looks for a balance of life on his farm and also release indigenous rescued animals back into the plantation, including monkeys and marsupials.

Flavor Profile: We give these beans a short, gentle roast. This allows us to highlight the naturally bright, fruity flavor of the Almendra Blanca bean.

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GoodNow Farms | Hot Cocoa, Almendra Blanca, Mexico | Boxwalla
Goodnow Farms Almendra Blanca Hot Cocoa
$18.00 $