Midnight Black Bean

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Rancho Gordo Midnight Black Bean

Midnight Black Bean is a true black Turtle bean with a rich, traditional flavor and texture. They have light, thin skin that allows their flavors to mix with your aromatics and create a delicious bean broth.

These are incredibly fresh so little, if any, soaking is required. You can retain the black color better by not soaking. If you must soak, try using the soaking water while cooking.

Cooking Suggestions: Salads, chili, refried beans, dips, soups, pot beans, Brazilian feijoada

Size: 1 lb Bag

From The Rancho Gordo Kitchen: The beans and their broth are great with simple rice. The liquid coats each kernel of rice, adding flavor, protein, and pizzazz. But don’t forget to strain them for a salad with your favorite greens and use any leftover broth as a base for soup or even poaching eggs.

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Rancho Gordo | Midnight Black Bean | Boxwalla
Midnight Black Bean
$9.99 $