Scarlet Runner Bean

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Rancho Gordo Scarlet Runner Bean

Scarlet Runner heirloom beans are firm and stay whole, but you can keep cooking them and they’ll go from starchy to creamy. Despite their thick skin, they exude a beautiful bean broth that needs little help to be enjoyed.

They are one of the oldest cultivated foods of the Americas. If you grow them, you’ll fall in love with their cheap, 1950s lipstick-colored flowers, which are edible. The hummingbirds love them and they’re so pretty, some people grow Scarlet Runners for just their flowers.

Cooking Suggestions: Pot beans, casseroles, salads, soups, chili.

Size: 1 Lb Bag

From The Rancho Gordo Kitchen: Scarlet Runners are versatile but we like to serve them with lots of wild mushrooms and slightly too much roasted garlic for a meaty treat, vegetarian style! Because they are firm and hold their shape, they make a wonderful salad bean.

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Rancho Gordo | Scarlet Runner Bean | Boxwalla
Scarlet Runner Bean
$9.99 $