Ritual Cleansing Balm

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Live Botanical Ritual Cleansing Balm

What is it? Live Botanical Ritual Cleansing Balm is a sweet vanilla-like tonka bean butter and rose swirled in a decadent balm to deeply clean the driest of skin conditions.

Notes from the Curator: The blend sets the stage to truly be part of your personal ritual for reflection, expansive love, and connection with oneself.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Rose is the ultimate harmonizer of the skin and spirit.  Functionally the rich antioxidants limit cell damage and encourage regeneration.  Naturally, the petals are rich in moisturizing compounds. Shea and Kokum butter soften the skin while a potent oil infusion of St. John’s Wort works to dissolve buildup.

Scent: A floral gourmand type aroma. The essential oil dilution is equivalent to less than 1%.

Skin Types: Dry skin that prefers a very rich cleansing experience. Due to the higher essential oil content, it may not be suitable for highly sensitive skin.

Texture: Rich and creamy that melts from the warmth of the skin. When rinsed off, you will likely feel a moisturizing layer. An elevated approach to a cold cream.

Size: 100 ml/ 3.4 oz

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Live Botanical | Ritual Cleansing Balm | Boxwalla
Ritual Cleansing Balm
$68.00 $