Signature Matbucha

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New York Shuk Signature Matbucha

Meet Matbucha (pronounced MAT-BOO-HA), slow-cooked spicy tomato condiment, bound to become your new pantry all-star. Use it as a base for shakshuka, pasta sauce and stews, or layer it on your favorite sandwich. It’s a flavor that shines at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Size: 10 oz/ 283g

What is Matbucha?

At the height of summer, when days grow hot and long, the garden explodes with sun-hungry vegetables — ruby tomatoes, crisp bell peppers, and sultry eggplants — and a fragrant jungle of herbs. From ratatouille in France and lecsó in Hungary, to Italy’s glorious tomato sauces and Mexico’s many salsas, people all over the world celebrate dishes that capture the season’s bountiful riot of produce.
For Moroccans, summer means matbucha. The elements are simple – little more than peak-season tomatoes, hot green chiles, and garlic, with patience as the secret ingredient. Cooked together low and slow, these ingredients transform into a luscious, deeply concentrated and intensely flavored ‘cooked salad’ or sauce that pairs effortlessly with just about everything. Matbucha is an integral part of the Moroccan Jewish mezze table, an eye-catching bowl of glistening red in a sea of dips and spreads. It is also an everyday condiment (so much so that some families refer to it as ‘Moroccan ketchup’!), and a flavorful base for countless savory dishes.


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Signature Matbucha
$15.00 $