Smooth Operator Unfolding Face + Eye Serum

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Lepaar Smooth Operator Caffeine Eye and Face Serum

What is it? Lepaar Smooth Operator serum is a sultry, luxurious serum that smoothes everything: deep folds, fine lines, hard edges, cracks, tension, temper. Plumps the skin, maintains hyaluronic acids, stabilises collagen, fades dark circles and bags under eyes, boosts strong, healthy eyebrows, and strengthens hair follicles.

Notes from the Curator: This composition is part of Lepaar KAIROS TIME CAPSULE. An Ode to coffee and it’s ability to smooth, unfolded the skin and the banishing of dark circles.

Let’s Get Nerdy: Paired with green + roasted coffee seed oil they deliver the whole spectrum of this magical fruit most of us consume daily – a daily habit for some, a deeply ritualistic moment for others when time stands still, surfaces become smooth, edges soften, and infinite possibilities unfold.

For women and men of all skin types. Especially benefits mature, wrinkled, lined, sensitive + dry skin. Plumps the skin, smoothens lines, maintains hyaluronic acids, stabilises collagen, fades dark circles and bags under eyes, boosts strong, healthy eyebrows.

Size: 15ml

Lepaar Smooth Operator Composition

Organic Green Coffee Seed Oil*
Caffeine Stimulates Collagen. Maintains Hydration. Minimises Puffiness, Fine Lines + Wrinkles.

Organic Roasted Coffee Oil*
Caffeine Stimulates Collagen. Moisture Retention. Stimulate Cell Detoxification And Turnover.

Wildcrafted ‘silver Skin’ Coffee Husk Extract^
Increases Hydration. Diminishes Redness And Inflammation. Antioxidant.

Wildcarfted ‘cascara’ Coffee Cherry Extract^
Reduce Fine Lines. Prevents Cellular Damage. Eliminates Blemishes + Acne.

Organic Chia Seed Oil*
Richest Botanical Source Of Omega-3 Fatty Acid. Plumps + Maintains Moisture. Reduces Lines + Dryness.

Wildcrafted Maracuja Seed Oil^
Ultra Hydrating. Minimises Wrinkles + Age Spots. Increase Elasticity.

Organic Cranberry Seed Oil*
The Only Oil With A Perfect Ratio Of Omega-3, Omega-6 And Omega-9 Fatty Acids. Stabilises Lipid Barrier. Intense Hydration And Moisture Retention.

Organic Passionflower Extract*
Soften Lines + Cracks. Repairs + Maintain Barrier Function. Neutralises Free Radicals.

Organic Marshmallow Extract*
Softens Dry Skin. Maintains Hyaluronic Acid Levels. Soothes Inflamed + Sensitive Skin.

Wildcrafted Bacuri Butter^
Stabilises Collagen. Strengthens Skin Tissue. Soothes Inflammation.

Organic Vanilla Extract*
Neutralises Free Radicals. Cell Regeneration. Antioxidant

Organic Saffron Stigma Extract*
Increases Oxygen Flow. Neuro-protective. Antioxidant.

Wildcrafted Myrrh Resin Extract^
Rejuvenates. Fades Pigmentation. Heals Wounds + Hearts.

Wildcrafted Frankincense Resin Extract^
Tones + Firms. Fades Pigmentation. Lifts Anxiety

24 Karat Gold”
Improves Circulation. Boosts Collagen Integrity. Receives Sun Energy, Grounds Intention.

Fragrance Profile

Complex, aromatic layers of Coffee: Chocolate. Mocca. Chai. Vanilla. Sweet. Spicy. Fruity. A rich, sultry, seductive perfume, smoothly transporting your senses to another realm, another headspace – for a moment, everything softens. And the radio plays soft, funky soul.

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Lepaar | SMOOTH OPERATOR Caffeine Eye Serum
Smooth Operator Unfolding Face + Eye Serum
$63.00 $