Asli Assam CTC Black Tea

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What is it? One Stripe Chai Asli Assam CTC black tea is organic, biodynamic, and direct-sourced by the brand from their trusty farm partners at Chota Tingrai Estate in Assam, India.

Notes from the Curator: Whether you add your own spices or brew it on its own, you can count on a bold black tea flavor that packs a punch with Asli Assam!

Let’s Get Nerdy: CTC = “Cut- tear- curl” tea

Created by a unique cutting process, CTC is a method of production used to process black tea. The unique process creates a tea that is rolled in shape, instead of the more traditional full leaf (orthodox tea), we mostly see. The process also creates a tea that is strong and malty in flavor and can stand up to being boiled with spices, sweeteners, and milk. Basically, it’s perfect for chai 🙂

Size: 150g

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ONE STRIP CHAI | Asli Assam - CTC Black Tea | Boxwalla
Asli Assam CTC Black Tea
$18.00 $