Kashmiri Saffron

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Kashmiri Saffron

Diaspora Co’s  new Kashmiri Saffron has beautiful notes of honey, raisins, and almond, with the lingering sweet smell of summer hay. It can transform the saddest pot of rice into an aromatic experience, and a simple glass of water into a golden potion. Kashmiri saffron is rooted in hundreds of years of expertise, that we’re so proud to showcase and share.

Origin: Pampore, Kashmir

Heirloom seed variety: Kashmiri

Size: 1g

Grown by Raqib Mushtaq on his family’s 3.75 acre farm in the historic saffron district of Pampore, where they have been growing saffron for as far back as his grandparents can remember. Brought to the Valley by Persian traders in the 12th century AD, Kashmiri saffron’s reputation as being the pinnacle of flavor and aroma precedes it. One whiff of Raqib’s harvest and we knew it was all true!

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Diaspora Co | Kashmiri saffron | Boxwalla
Kashmiri Saffron
$18.00 $