Blue Turmeric

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This is the turmeric that will blue your minds 🙂

Blue Turmeric is rare species of turmeric that’s different from the standard yellow/orange Curcuma longa. It’s typically used for medicinal applications throughout Vietnam, but we’re partial to its menthol, pine-y aroma, with a flavor that’s earthy, savory and beautifully bitter.

It adds a complexity, depth and flavor that’s difficult to define but reminiscent of carrots, walnuts and celery — and a little bit goes a long way.

Use it to enhance vegetable stews, curries and soups, to brighten starches like rice and potatoes, and to balance sweetness in cocktails.

Origin: Cao Bằng, Vietnam
Aliases: Nghệ đen, black turmeric, kali haldi, kala haldi, black zedoary
Processing: Sliced, then sun-dried
Ingredients: Blue turmeric powder (Curcuma caesia)
Tasting Notes: Menthol • Bitter melon • Pinecones

Size: 1.0 oz glass jar

Cooking Suggestions

– Sprinkle a little bit into salad dressing to add depth and complexity and balance acidity
– Add to a vegetable stew or soup to accentuate the green vegetable flavor and add complexity similar to the flavor of celery,     carrots and spicy olive oil.
– A hot water infusion with honey makes a perfect digestive beverage or simple syrup to balance sweetness in cocktails

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Blue Turmeric
$8.99 $