Herati Saffron – 100% Pure Saffron

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Burlap and Barrel Herati Saffron

Herati Saffron threads have a beautiful delicate floral flavor, golden color and warm, honeyed fragrance reminiscent of dried roses and fresh hay. The threads are pulled carefully from the flower, leaving a characteristic flame-colored tail. Saffron is a key element in sweet and savory cuisines from the Mediterranean to South Asia. It adds a distinctive floral flavor and golden color to fragrant rice dishes like paella, risotto and biryani, to frozen desserts like ice cream and kulfi, and to teas.

Burlap and Barrel saffron is of the highest quality, sometimes called super negin or sargol, depending on how it is harvested and graded. The slight gradation in color is your assurance that our saffron is 100% pure and never dyed or otherwise adulterated.

• Origin: Herat, Afghanistan

• Process: Sun-dried

• Ingredients: 100% whole saffron threads (Crocus sativa)

• Tasting notes: Honey • Dried Roses • Fresh Hay

Size: 0.5 g Jar

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Burlap And Barrel | Herati Saffron | Boxwalla
Herati Saffron - 100% Pure Saffron
$9.99 $