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Daily Acid Toner

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Josh Rosebrook Daily Acid Toner

What is it? Daily Acid Toner is a resurfacing, hydrating toning treatment designed to smooth skin and banish dullness by sloughing away dead skin and helping to improve skin texture, increase suppleness, hydrate and nourish.

Notes from the Curator:  Upon application, this multi-benefit toner softens, soothes and  effortlessly exfoliates to reveal brighter skin.

Let’s Get Nerdy: A unique medley of potent acids – pyruvic, malic, citric, and glycolic – work with the skin at various depths and speeds to gently and effectively polish. Woven around our core acid profile is a revitalizing blend of micronutrient-dense aloe vera infused with whole-plant extracts, mineral-rich clay, and clinically proven regenerative amino acids and algae. This inclusive performance toner serves a diverse range of skin types and conditions, catering to sensitive skin and to those who prefer strong acid formulations.

Size: 100 ml/ 3.3 0z

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Josh Rosebrook | Daily Acid Toner | Boxwalla
Daily Acid Toner
$35.00 $