Green Tikka Masala

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Burlap and Barrel Green Tikka Masala

Chicken tikka was one of the most popular dishes at Floyd’s famous restaurant, Tabla, and it evokes strong emotions to this day. Floyd created it to give his guests a new chicken tikka that was different from the typical red tandoori style, using curry leaves, ginger, garlic, and a little chili. Use this masala as a rub or base in curries with coconut milk or yogurt. Finish with a little soy sauce, a squeeze of lime, and chopped onions.

Ingredients: Garlic, black pepper, cumin, curry leaves, ginger, Cobanero chili
Tasting notes: Herbal • Nutty • Savory
Cooking Instructions: For the best flavor, bloom the masala in oil, butter or ghee at the beginning of the cooking process alongside other aromatics (onions, garlic, tomatos, etc.)

Size: 1.8 oz

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Burlap and Barrel | Green Tikka Masala | Boxwalla
Green Tikka Masala
$12.00 $