Kashmiri Masala

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Burlap and Barrel Kashmiri Masala

When Floyd was 18, he traveled to India’s northernmost state of Kashmir. He had never tasted their mix of Kashmiri chili, ginger, and fennel before, but the combination quickly became one of his favorites. This aromatic masala gives beans, vegetables, lamb, chicken, and stewed potatoes new life. Cook with yogurt to meld the flavors together.

Ingredients: Kashmiri chili, coriander, ginger, fennel, cinnamon verum, turmeric, cinnamon leaf, black cardamom, yellow cardamom, mace, cloves
Tasting notes: Fennel • Ginger • Aromatic
Aliases: Rogan Josh Masala

Size: 1.8 oz

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Burlap and Barrel | Kashmiri Masala | Boxwalla
Kashmiri Masala
$12.00 $