Boxwalla’s Holiday Gifting Guide 2023

It’s the ✨Holiday Season✨.  The increasing coldness of the weather is surpassed only by the warmth of gatherings around the dining table, opening gifts together, and cozying up with a loved one, book, or pet. It’s also the season where many of us are scratching their heads or frantically hunting for gifts for their family and friends. How can a gift convey how much a person means to you, while also making this holiday a little more special for them? Would they appreciate a lovingly chosen gift or an experience curated just for them? This year, in our Holiday Gifting Guide, we hope to be The Shop around the Corner to help you with your gifting needs. Read on to discover more.


The Shop around the Corner

The two main leads from Shop around the Corner reading a book and newspaper respectively

For the Readers

We’re all bookworms here at Boxwalla, and our Bookshop is essentially a collection of our favorite books which we want to recommend to everyone we can. Any of them will make the perfect gift for a reader.

For the Fashionable

The two protagonists in winterwear look at each other

Our Ethical Fashion Shop features ethically made cashmere shawls and stoles by Kashmir Loom. The luxurious fiber and the beauty of the shawls will be met with approval by the fashionably conscious. Bonus: it helps keep them warm through winter too.

For the Best Winter Skin

Portrait of actor Margaret Sullivan

Luxurious moisturizers to beat the dryness, invigorating serums, oils that replenish and nourish the skin…the Skincare Shop has it all! Gift your friends plump, pampered, rejuvenated skin, and see them glowing with happiness!

For Makeup Lovers

Portrait of actor Margaret Sullivan with makeup

Effective, long-lasting makeup that does not harm the skin or the environment are great gifts for the busy season. A gift the makeup enthusiast in your life would love: invite them over to binge-watch episodes of Glow Up together and practice your makeup looks on each other. Go to our Makeup Shop now!

For Homecooked Dinners

Scene from the movie The Shop around the Corner

In winters, we love the comfort, fullness, and warmth of Rancho Gordo Beans. Use a few spices, hot sauces, and spice mixtures, and finish off with some warm tea and chocolate – and both out bellies and hearts are full. The Food Shop is for the soul. 

For Hosts and Hosting

Gathering of people, scene from the movie

Let’s not forget the hosts behind the meals and parties we’re invited to. For an informal, intimate gathering, we like to take some chocolates and teas to share after the meal is over. A luxurious hand cream, Boxwalla limited edition boxes, a soothing balm or creamy moisturizer  will all be much appreciated by any host. 

For Those who Love the Cold

Man in snow from the movie

Some of us, much to the disbelief of those around us, love the cold weather and being outside to make the most of it. Context Travel has great walking tours in major cities around the world, and it has special holiday tours as well! And whenever the delighted outdoor enthusiast comes in freezing, treat them to some warm tea or chocolates

For Those who’d Rather Stay In

Main leads in the bedroom. Woman reading letters in the bed while man looks at her.

Make some hot cocoa with Anamalai Cacao or Almendra Blanca Hot Cocoa. Make some popcorn and drizzle it with spices. Then, curl up on your bed or couch and watch a movie or two from the Criterion Collection with your loved ones. 

For the Stationery Addicts and Planners

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Anyone who loves stationery knows you can never have enough. They are also guaranteed to love Midori diaries, Apica notebooks, Blackwing pencils, and other cute accessories from our stationery corner

Still Stumped?

Main leads of the movie decorating a Christmas tree, looking confused

We got you! With gift cards ranging from $5 to $1,000, giving the gift of choice may be the easiest and most thoughtful option at times. With our various shops, anyone can find something they like. And at Boxwalla, we also guarantee that anything they chose has been lovingly made and holds a world of meaning.

✨We wish you a warm and joyful holiday season!✨ 
Lots of love,
The Boxwallas 
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