Alpha Beta Enzyme Resurfacing Mask

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Naturallogic Alpha Beta Enzyme Resurfacing Mask

What is it? Alpha Beta is a gentle enzyme-filled resurfacing mask.

Notes from the Curator: This is a gentle but very effective brightening mask that feels like yummy honeyed pumpkin jelly on the skin. Will work for all skin types.

Let’s get Nerdy: This mask has a unique and transformative relationship with skin. During skin’s monthly life cycle, from the time cells are born until they reach the surface and shed, ALPHA BETA supports the cellular renewal process each step of the way. Nutrient rich pumpkin enzymes nourish cells with foundational vitamins, gently exfoliate, and illuminate the complexion. AHA’s encourage fresh, healthy cell regeneration, remove dehydrated surface cells, dislodge environmental pollutants and encourage cells to form collagen and elastin. Willow Bark quells inflammation, decongests and clarifies pores to minimize and refine their appearance. And nourishing botanicals condition with deep, long lasting hydration, revealing fresh, smooth, healthy, vibrant skin. The main ingredient in Alpha Beta is Pumpkin Bioferment which gentle exfoliates the skin and is also rich in zinc and antioxidants that support skin repair and the reduction of free radicals. The delicate balance of fermented Pumpkin and the perfect amount of Glycolic Acid exfoliate, smooth and encourage cell regeneration without redness or recovery time.


– Exfoliates, smoothes + refines
– Provides long lasting hydration
– Promotes quick, healthy cell regeneration
– Infuses skin with vitamins + antioxidants, laying a foundation of nutrients for vibrance + environmental protection
– Smoothes fine lines, improves tone + texture
– Clarifies pores + complexion

Key Ingredients:-

Rich in Zinc and antioxidants, supporting skin repair and reduction of free radicals. Exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities while delivering vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

Loosens the bond that holds dead cells to the surface of skin. Encourages fresh, healthy skin cell regeneration.

Anti-inflammatory. Antibacterial. Rich in polyphenols, reducing inflammation and encouraging reduction in the free radicals that contribute to the signs of aging.

Natural source of salicylic acid, clears pores, stimulates fresh cell growth, anti-inflammatory, soothing, conditioning.

Antibacterial. Rich in vitamins + highly humectant, infusing skin with hydration and nutrients. Rejuvenating and mildly exfoliating.

Antioxidant. Protects skin from free radical and environmental damage.

Size: 1.7 oz | 50ML

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Naturallogic ALPHA BETA Resurfacing MASK
Alpha Beta Enzyme Resurfacing Mask
$60.00 $

Out of stock

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