Cassoulet (Tarbais) Bean

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"Cassoulet (Tarbais) Bean

West Coast–grown from classic French Tarbais seed stock. The most famous bean for a traditional cassoulet but versatile enough to become an everyday favorite.

Some would argue that a cassoulet isn’t a cassoulet without Tarbais beans. It’s a great bean.
Large, white and super-creamy, Rancho Gordo Cassoulet Bean is ideally suited to the slow-cooked goodness of a cassoulet.

All the various meats and seasonings mingle with the mild but sturdy beans and with a little effort, you have one of the classic dishes of southwest France.

Rancho Gordo took the seed from France and produced this bean with their distinct terroir in California. Tarbais beans were developed by generations of farmers in Tarbes, France.
The original seed is a New World bean and most likely originated in Mexico. Out of respect for the French farmers and terroir, this bean is called Cassoulet Bean. We think in order to call it Tarbais, it should be grown in southwestern France.

Suggestions: Cassoulet, salads, pot beans, casseroles, soups, pasta e fagioli, baked beans, dips

Size: 1 Lb Bag

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Cassoulet (Tarbais) Bean
$7.95 $