Dragon’s Blood Probiotic Tonic

$55.00 $

What is it? A toner that protects your skin from environmental aggression and return its healthy natural glow, cleanses the pores, unclogs them and acts as a protective shield.

Notes from the Curator: Dragon’s Blood Tonic combines the power of dragon blood’s antioxidant and collagen repairing properties with the rooibos tea probiotic to revitalize your skin, protect it from environmental effects and brighten your complexion.

Let’s get Nerdy: Dragon’s blood is an ingredient that’s been used for its healing properties for centuries. Derived from the Croton Lechleri tree, it’s actually tree sap. Because of its second skin-like properties the dragon’s blood helps reduce redness and irritation and has a very soothing effect.

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Lovinah Skincare | Dragon's Blood Probiotic Tonic | Boxwalla
Dragon's Blood Probiotic Tonic
$55.00 $