Hot Chilli Sambal

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A deliciously savory Sambal featuring 100% authentic Southeast Asian flavors. Handmade in Brooklyn. Adds complex heat and rich seafood umami to everything from soups to sandwiches.

What is Sambal?

The word Sambal refers to a blend of ground peppers and aromatics, with the main ingredient being fresh chillies. In Malaysia, sambal is most often made at home. Each family has their own recipe for it, influenced by regional differences and the availability of fresh ingredients.

Flavored with fermented shrimp paste directly sourced from Malacca, a coastal city in Malaysia, a little Hot Chili Sambal goes a long way in adding flavor to everything it touches.

Size: 8oz/237g

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Auria's Hot Chilli Sambal | Boxwalla
Hot Chilli Sambal
$15.00 $